The PTA has set up a number of discussion forums. You may be receiving e-mail from some of these groups already. If not, or if you would rather participate on in the groups using the Web instead of e-mail, you need to become a member of the group. Membership is open to all current PTA members.  How to become a member depends upon what kind of e-mail account you have.

How to Join accounts

If you have a account, you should already be able to read the messages online. In most cases you should be able to post messages to the group; if you get a message that you cannot because you're not a member, you can click the link reading "Join this group."

If you do not have a account but would like one, please fill out a request form. This account is tied to Google Apps for Education; it comes with a Gmail-style inbox and access to certain Google services.

Google account

If you have a Google account (usually a gmail account) and would like to use it for the PTA discussion forums, you can click "Contact owner to join." Log in with your Google account and fill out the contact form.

Other e-mail account

To join with any other e-mail account, fill out a request form. Note that if you choose this option, you will only be able to participate in the group via e-mail. You will not be able to read or post to groups from the Web.

Membership settings

Once you've joined a group, you can choose to receive e-mails as they come, receive an e-mail a day, or only access the groups on the Web. To do so, click "Manage My Membership" when viewing a group. Google has a lot of tips at their Google Groups help site.